Famous actress of Pakistani drama industry Maura Hussain had released an Indian film in the year 2016 which was named Sanam Teri Qasam. The release of the film Rawan Maa completed 5 years. Interesting about casting Pakistani actress Maura Hussain as a Brahmin girl in the film.

According to the details, director Wayne Supro says that “while writing the film, we were taking every moment, every character and every dialogue as our personal life.” In the film, “Sarah” means Maura Hussain. The character of was a Telugu Brahmin girl who resembled Radhika Rao’s personal life while the character of the film’s hero resembled my life. There was an option but we wanted to introduce a new face in the story of this movie full of love.

According to Vinay Sapro, Maura Hussain did not know anything about the role of a Brahmin and the Brahmin traditions, but a Muslim girl like Maura played the role of a Brahmin girl well. Reena Rai’s 1982 film Sanam is a remake of your kind.